Presents Prose Politesse was created to inspire a passion for giving 

Whether you like to send gifts and cards for every occasion, or only seek to mark the milestones, Presents Prose Politesse was created with you in mind. - To inspire you with creative ideas and practical tips that allow your thoughtful nature to shine through, without all the work.  

Behind the brand

I’m a Brit living in the States who’s passionate about finding just the right gift and sending personalized cards for all manner of occasions. While I’ve embraced the American culture, I’ve retained an Englishness at heart; I believe in paper correspondence, taking tea in the afternoon, and I eat with a knife and fork (at every meal). 

When I moved to the United States I became fascinated by the subtle cultural differences between our two nations and what was acceptable etiquette. It was during the process of assimilation that I came to the conclusion that being thoughtful is appropriate everywhere. I’m now an American citizen, with an American husband and family. However I’m still proudly British too. 


With experience working in a London buying office and a design education, I approach gift giving with creativity in mind. As a writer and educator I can share ideas and tips with you, so that you too can spread joy.

Currently working in the philanthropic world, I truly believe that giving is the key to a fulfilling life.

Giving is the key to a fulfilling life

My hope is that Present Prose Politesse inspires you to take a moment to think of others and to act upon those kind thoughts in a meaningful way. With posts aimed at sharing imaginative gift ideas, carefully crafted phrases, and thoughts on the topic of giving in general, my intention is that this becomes a valued resource.  

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